The Shake Lab drinks

No Bull Shakes!

Top of the pops, cream of the crops.. you get the idea! These are the modern classics from The Shake Lab, the ones to get you frothing at the mouth for a sip.

Old School Shakes!

The classic ones, the ones that delivered The Shake Lab legend to its many followers. The Shake Lab started its wonderous journey with these creamy treats, too good to ever be superseded. Step back in time to the Christmas of 2015 and sample the shakes that kicked it all off!

OMG Shakes!

We certainly do make a song and dance about our icy, creamy shakes. But sometimes… just sometimes, you’ve got to shout it from the top of the cow shed!



Freakshakes are the new bulls on the block; Beginning with some of our legendary Shakes, and topped to spectacular heights with big brands and big flavours. The ultimate indulgence – exclusively at our Bristol Cribbs Causeway store!


Allergy Alert! 

Peanuts, nuts and other food allergens are present at The Shake Lab. If you have a food allergy, we recommend that you do not consume any of our products.